More than a feeling.

The 5-year quality of life (QoL) outcomes from the GEC-ESTRO trial of whole breast irradiation (WBI) versus multicatheter interstitial accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) demonstrate identical overall QoL with either modality. As a reminder, patients received 50 - 50.4 + 10 Gy boost over roughly 6 weeks (WBI) or 30.3 - 32 Gy in 7-8 fractions delivered twice daily (APBI), and local recurrence at 5 years was < 1.5% across the board. WBI was associated with a slight increase in breast symptom scores, but neither treatment had any significant detriment to QoL. TBL: Here’s more reason to keep doing whatever you’re already doing. | Schafer, Lancet Oncol 2018


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