The bottom bottom line.

Confused? Here are the major themes: [1] CAPOX and FOLFOX confer virtually the same disease-free survival (DFS), [3] 3 and 6 months of adjuvant chemo confer virtually the same DFS, except with high risk disease and/or with FOLFOX, [3] 3 versus 6 months of chemo slashes the rate of neuropathy. In other words, give everyone with locally-advanced colon cancer 3 months of CAPOX (because who doesn’t prefer a pill to a needle?) unless they’ve got high risk disease. This is clear despite, not because, of the statistics. Statistics, might we add, that cost an enormous amount of money and patient time and faith. In this colossal failure, the p-values stand for anything but practical. | The IDEA Collaborative Trials


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