Big Little Lies.

Top Line: After intensive treatment lasting up to a year, women with breast cancer can feel lost once treatment is over
The Study: Actually two studies published this week in JCO. The ReBIC trial randomized women +/- to an 8-week group therapy focused on body image, sexual function, and quality of life after treatment completion, while the second trial (sigh, no acronym) randomized women +/- to a 16-week aerobic and resistance exercise program. Boom, these interventions improved body image and quality of life AND reduced obesity and metabolic syndrome. We think either or both practices make for great proactive recommendations after treatment. Not only will your patients be looking good, but you will too by having a solid plan to help them feel better and healthier.
Bottom Line: So your patient is finished with all her breast cancer treatment? That’s a lie: She’s still got lots of way to treat herself, including joining a support group that meets weekly for body image discussions and/or 3x weekly for workouts (+/- Meryl Streep).


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