Viva vasectomy.

July 27, 2017. Apparently there is a big controversy over whether or not vasectomy is associated with prostate cancer. The most recent data comes from a systemic review and meta-analysis in this month’s JAMA Internal Medicine. They found no association between vasectomy and high grade, advanced, or fatal prostate cancer. Though they did find a weak association with any prostate cancer, which means the debate will likely continue. Bottom line? Vasectomy may be associated with a 0.6% absolute increase in lifetime risk of developing (non-fatal) prostate cancer. Is this even clinically meaningful? Probably not given the host of other modifiable risk factors with stronger associations with prostate cancer, including ejaculatory frequency. So if the contraception provided by vasectomy will help you lower your risk of developing prostate cancer in other ways...all the more reason not to nip the snip.


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