The ole switcheroo.

June 23, 2017. While docetaxel improves survival in metastatic, castrate-resistant prostate cancer, many patients eventually develop resistance. However, some can still respond to cabazitaxel (another taxane), possibly due to different interactions with the process of microtubule trafficking of the androgen receptor. The Phase 2 TAXYNERGY trial published in JCO this week assessed switching from docetaxel to cabazitaxel in those with <30% PSA response after 4 cycles of docetaxel (a quarter of the study population). The switch achieved >50% PSA decline in over half of the initial non-responders. And in circulating tumor cells, this correlated with reduced intracellular trafficking of the androgen receptor. In the forthcoming UBERNERGY trial, you’ll be able to connect with your taxane via a mobile app (but for men only).


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