The draw we've all been waiting for.

Looking for a clear answer on how to treat locally-advanced endometrial cancer? Preliminary results of the long-awaited GOG 258 were presented this week at ASCO. The verdict: keep looking. 813 patients with stage III/IVA endometrioid or stage I/II serous or clear cell carcinoma were randomized post-op to volume-based radiation with concurrent cisplatin -> carbo/Taxol x 4 versus carbo/Taxol x 6 alone. With a median follow-up of 47 months there was no difference in recurrence-free survival (primary endpoint) or toxicities. In more (utterly unsurprising) news, combined chemoradiation significantly reduced loco-regional recurrence and chemotherapy alone (to a higher cumulative dose) significantly reduced distant recurrence. Nothing significantly reduced the advanced endometrial cancer debate.


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