Some like it hot.

It's summer, so let's talk about this phase 2 trial from UMich published yesterday in JAMA Onc. Patients with locally advanced NSCLC were treated with a PET-adaptive regimen to try and escalate radiation dose as high as possible in 30 fractions while keeping the mean lung dose < 20 Gy. PET was done after 45 Gy, volumes were reduced, and dose per fraction escalated. Median dose was 83 Gy (range: 63-86 Gy). Two-year in-field control was 82% and local/regional control was 62%. RTOG 1106 will compare this regimen to the standard 60 Gy. Looks like dose-escalation for NSCLC may be getting the Grays back together for a reunion tour.


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