Oh, it’s abiraterone now.

August 1, 2017. For starters, go check out our new website (you're here!) where you’ll find our original takes on the LATITUDE and STAMPEDE trials as presented at ASCO 2017. We’re mentioning them again because their full manuscripts are now published in NEJM, along with an insightful editorial. There are a couple of important take aways. First, we now should at least consider abiraterone even in our non-metastatic high risk or biochemically recurrent patients, as were included in STAMPEDE. Second, now that we know multiple treatments improve survival in castrate-sensitive advanced prostate cancer, we’ll need to define which groups benefit most from various combinations or sequences. With more and more options, cost and quality of life outcomes may become bigger and bigger determinants of how abiraterone and docetaxel will work their ways into upfront therapies. So we’ll end how we started, with another shameless plug: go to our Facebook page to let us know how you’ll decide to treat these patients.


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