Left to their own devices.

July 13, 2017. Hats off to DigniCap, a cooling device designed to reduce the severity of hair loss at the scalp during chemotherapy. Its indications have now expanded beyond breast cancer with recent FDA approval for all chemo-induced alopecia. And if that’s not cool enough, Varian Medical Systems (manufacturer of radiation therapy systems) received 501(k) approval from the FDA to market their new Halcyon treatment system that delivers radiation therapy using a helical tomotherapy platform. Benefits? In a word: expediency. Treatment delivery times outpace those of conventional linear accelerator platforms, and installation is touted as a quick no-fuss process. In fact, the very word Halcyon describes a 14-day period free of storms in winter. But just how fast can you get it up and running? Whadaya know...14 days. Kudos.


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