CATNON this trial for answers.

August 17, 2017. The highly anticipated interim results from the CATNON trial are out in Lancet. This trial assessed high grade gliomas of the brain without 1p19q codeletions treated with radiation +/- concurrent temozolomide and +/- adjuvant temozolomide. Why this design for this population? Since RTOG 9402 was published in 2013, we’ve known there is a huge survival benefit with chemo for codeleted tumors (and, by huge, we mean 7 years). But a benefit with chemo among the non-codeleted tumors remained unclear...and thus CATNON was born. Spoiler alert: Sam, what’s an annulment..? This paper only reports interim outcomes with adjuvant chemo because it offered a big improvement in 5 year survival (44% -> 55%). Results from the concurrent chemo randomization are still maturing. Barring plot twists, chemo will remain a component of treatment even for non-codeleted high grade gliomas. But we’re gonna have to wait until season 8 for closure.


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