Benefits with Avastin are lastin.

August 7, 2017. Bevacizumab was FDA approved for recurrent/metastatic cervical cancer back in 2014 based on the NEJM interim analysis of GOG 240. However, there were concerns that the improved overall survival seen with chemo + bev over chemo alone wouldn’t hold up. The final results of GOG 240 are now out in Lancet and confirms that addition of bev improves median survival from 13.3 months to 16.8 months. A notable drawback is the added side effect profile, particularly an increased fistula risk (of 15% vs 1%...eek). This should be an especially important consideration for women who have had previous pelvic surgery and/or radiation. Another important limitation is the sky-high cost of bev, especially for a cancer with highest prevalence in areas with lowest access to expensive drugs. Though there is still room for improved toxicity profiles and global health logistics, this remains good news for a bad disease that in recent decades has seen limited advancements in therapeutic options.


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