Another positive finding in triple-negative breast cancer.

June 13, 2017. The results of the FinXX trial were published last week in JAMA Onc showing improvement in recurrence-free survival (RFS) among triple-negative breast cabcer (TNBC) patients randomized to receive Xeloda (X) as a component of adjuvant chemotherapy. 1500 patients with T2 or node+ invasive breast cancer were randomized to adjuvant Taxotere (T) x 3 -> ECF x 3 versus TX -> ECF x 3 with a primary endpoint of RFS. While there were no significant differences between the two treatment cohorts, a pre-planned subgroup analysis of 202 TNBC patients showed a significant advantage of adding Xeloda in terms of RFS (HR 0.53) and OS (HR 0.55). This bolsters results of the recently published Create-X trial and means Xeloda is getting ready for its debut leading role outside the GI cancer genre.


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